Liquid-Filled Hard Capsules

Liquid-filled hard capsule (LFHC) technology provides an advanced dosage form – offered in both gelatin and HPMC (hypromellose) for liquid, semi-solid, paste and multiparticulate applications.

This unique, flexible and elegant dosage form has a proven track record for addressing complex formulation challenges and improving or re-positioning existing formulations. LFHC provides secure protection to drug compounds in terms of leak-proof, airtight encapsulation that is impermeable to moisture, oxygen and light.

Proven Applications

Liquid-filled hard capsules address a broad array of formulation challenges, often incorporating a variety of biopharmaceutically-approved lipid and non-lipid excipients. Formulation flexibility is a hallmark of liquid-filled hard capsule formulation and manufacturing technology.


Multi-fold improvement in in vivo bioavailability demonstrated across a library of reference formulations

Dose Uniformity

Optimal format for low-dose APIs

High Potency

Safe handling of highly potent APIs

API Stability

Suitable for low melting point APIs, improved API moisture, oxygen and/or light stability

Clinical Development Tool

Simple manufacturing process and shortened development cycle for clinical trial material manufacture and scale-up

Dosage Form Flexibility

Dual drug and/or dual release technologies are used when incompatible actives need to be separated or when a dual release profile is desired. Available through our capsule-in-capsule technology, API-loaded multi-particulates or lipid multi-particulate encapsulated APIs can be dispersed in an immediate-release liquid formulation. 

Abuse deterrence options are available using our proprietary suite of formulation approaches for liquid-filled hard capsule formats. LFHC technology using band sealing also provides protection against tampering in that any alteration destroys the dosage form or is readily evident. 

Coating capability is available for further tailoring of liquid-filled hard capsule-based formulations – for either delayed or extended release performance. 

Colonic delivery is a growing application for LFHC technology. Getting the drug to the colon is achieved by applying either pH-triggered release (pH 6.8-7.2) and/or enzymatic release coatings to liquid-filled hard capsules. The level of fluid in the colon is quite limited for conventional tablets or dry-powder-filled capsules, so LFHC technology offers potential advantages in terms of consistent release and drug absorption.