Press-Fit® & XPress-Fit® Gelcaps

Capsugel® Press-Fit® and XPress-Fit® Gelcap proprietary technology lets you enrobe caplets with high-gloss gelatin covers that consumers and patients prefer.

Energize Your Sales by Giving Your Product a Differentiated Appearance

Capsugel® proprietary Press-Fit® and XPress-Fit® gelcap technology is difficult to mimic and enables brands to create a new look for their product with minimal effort and without having to reformulate. The result is a product that stands out to consumers and may help generate increased sales.

Flexible gelcaps are stretched around a caplet of specified shape and dimension using a patented cold-shrink process.

Consumers Prefer this Attractive Dosage Form

Press-Fit gelcaps, a commonly marketed product in the U.S., are created by taking a caplet and enrobing it with two gelatin halves to form an attractive dosage form that consumers prefer over tablets.(1) 

In an independent study of OTC preference for gelcaps, consumers chose Capsugel® Press-Fit® gelcaps by a ratio of two-to-one over white tablets for their improved characteristics.

Main Characteristics:

  • Easier to swallow
  • Easy to digest
  • Leaves no aftertaste
  • Faster-acting form
  • Higher quality
  • No unpleasant odor

Create a New Fast-Release Version of Your Product with XPress-Fit Technology

While our traditional Press-Fit gelcaps totally enrobe a caplet core between two high-gloss gelatin coatings, our XPress-Fit technology achieves a faster disintegration time by leaving an exposed center portion of the caplet. This patented technology allows for rapid-release by allowing gastric fluid to enter the exposed center portion and accelerate gelcap disintegration. Studies have shown that consumers worldwide recognize rapid effect as one of the most positive attributes of Capsugel® XPress-Fit gelcaps.

Manufacturing Flexibility

Unlike competing gel-enrobed technologies, Capsugel® gelcaps can be easily manufactured in-house without prohibitive investment, or can be outsourced. Capsugel® has collaborated with IMA, a leading manufacturer of capsule filling machines, to help you implement a robust process that is easy to install and operate without additional sealing. Capsugel® has a proven track record of seamless technical transfer to manufacturing locations globally.

NOTE: Some products are not available in Japan. 

[1] Capsugel OTC Study, conducted by Newman Stein, Inc.  Press-Fit versus White Caplet Visual Preference Test.