TWK10® Sports Probiotic

Harnessing the Gut-Muscle Axis with TWK10® Sports Probiotic

Take Performance to the Next Level

Probiotics have been traditionally used to modify the composition of gut bacteria. TWK10® sports probiotic takes everyday gut health to the next level by targeting muscle endurance to improve exercise performance. 

TWK10® sports probiotic unlocks the body’s potential starting in the gut with a patented strain of L. plantarum, a unique probiotic strain isolated from Taiwanese kimchi. Although Laoctobacilli are found worldwide, this particular strain from Taiwan has properties unlike any other. 

Huang et al., Nutrients 2019, 11(11), 2836.

Data from our human clinical trials show that TWK10® sports probiotic reduces fatigue, improves body composition and enhances muscle endurance. By increasing the time to exhaustion, athletes can endure more and push their limits further.

TWK10® sports probiotic enables consumers to push beyond their limits and get the edge they need against the competition. 

TWK10® sports probiotic supports:

  • Improved exercise endurance
  • Increased lean body mass
  • Reduced exercise-induced fatigue
  • Improved body composition 
  • Enhanced energy harvest

Increased Demand Across the Generations

TWK10® sports probiotic meets the growing demands of discerning consumers by meeting them where they are in their life stage. 

Seeking solutions for exercise performance and recovery 

Millennials 79%

Gen X 65%

Boomers 45%

Looking for fatigue and energy improvement solutions

Millennials 80%

Gen X 76%

Boomers 67%

Concerned about weight management (body composition)

Millennials 73%

Gen X 65%

Boomers 61%

Source: NMI US SORD Study, Sports Nutrition Segment Users, 2018

Top Supplement Purchasing Values Among Sports Nutrition Segment

Additionally, TWK10® sports probiotic offers consumers an ingredient that reflects many of the top purchasing values among sports nutrition users as shown below:

Source: NMI SORD 2018 Data

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