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Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients is a global leader in capsule development and manufacturing. With a diverse portfolio, we offer a wide range of capsule material, designs, sizes and colors to best fit the characteristics of nutritional ingredients, the optimum delivery to the body and lifestyle, cultural and dietary preferences of consumers. All manufactured under the highest quality standards in the industry in pharmaceutical grade state-of-the-art facilities utilizing proprietary technologies.

Reliable and Outstanding Performance

Coni-Snap® capsules are the world's most popular two-piece hard gelatin capsules and the product of choice for consumer health and nutrition companies due to their reliable, outstanding performance. Coni-Snap® capsules match the stringent regulations and standards of both major pharmaceutical companies as well as health and nutrition manufacturers and marketers worldwide.

And for customers who value purity, Coni-Snap® gelatin capsules are available in a clean label, all-bovine composition free from all synthetic excipients such as SLS and mag stearate and meeting all global customs and regulatory requirements. With excellent oxygen barrier properties and a beautiful shine, they meet the needs of clean label consumers worldwide.

There is also a reduced risk and faster time to market with Sigma Quality hard capsules. In 2013 we launched the first stage in a paradigm shift for quality in capsules with the introduction of the Coni-Snap® Sigma Series capsules.

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