Hard Capsule Liquid Filling and Sealing equipment

Over the last twenty years, we have built an unrivaled level of experience and track record in designing and developing LFHC formulations, as well as the liquid filling of hard-shell capsules. Our specialized liquid filling and sealing equipment enables our liquid filled and semi-solid fill technology, one of our core strengths.

Proprietary LFHC Filling and Sealing Equipment and Processing

Lonza’s focus on science & engineering has led to the development of proprietary equipment and processing techniques, to provide optimal efficiency, reliability and productivity for our LFHC clients.

  • Optimized capsule design to increase mechanical strength
  • High precision liquid dosing pump can handle free-flowing to highly viscous suspensions
  • Proprietary fusion sealing technology allows high efficiency capsule handling and sealing; optional capsule banding

Two sealing technology options are available to pharmaceutical and biotech companies developing liquid-filled hard capsule products. Capsule banding, where a visible band of gelatin or HPMC is applied around the joint between the capsule – thus sealing the caps to the body of the capsule – is one approach. The second option is Lonza’s proprietary LEMS® (Liquid Encapsulation Micro Spray) or “Fusion” technology, which utilizes the application of a fine micro-spray of sealing solution around the joint between the body and the cap of the capsule so that the contacting surfaces of the cap and the body are effectively fused together.   

Our engineering advancements in capsule filling and sealing of liquid hard-shell capsules – spanning more than 25 years – helps achieve consistent product quality and a robust, leak-proof seal using either of these sealing technologies.

Take advantage of the Licaps® liquid-filled hard capsules (LFHC) to help formulate new compounds with improved functionality while providing an elegant and differentiated product presentation. LFHC and lipid-based technology is routinely used for several functional improvements including bioavailability enhancement, taste and odor masking and combination products.

Expand Your Products Potential with Licaps Fusion Technology

  • Straightforward and efficient encapsulation of complex formulations for difficult- to-formulate actives such as low–melting point compounds and high viscosity fills
  • A robust and precise proprietary manufacturing process uses an advanced fusion sealing technology for product integrity that provides high protection for molecules sensitive to oxygen and moisture without the use of banding
  • Licaps thin shell without plasticizers or preservatives optimizes capsule disintegration making it ideal for products requiring fast release
  • Single or multi-phase dosage form options enable a variety of release profiles allow for novel combinations to address pharmacokinetic challenges and innovative and versatile product offerings which can lead to increased patient compliance

Exceed Consumer Expectations

  • Licaps capsules visually appealing unique look forms a favorable and lasting impression among consumers while masking taste and unpleasant odors better than softgel capsules
  • Available in both gelatin and vegetarian capsules and a wide variety of sizes and colors

Select the Liquid filled hard capsules filling and sealing equipment that meets your need

  • CFS 1200™
  • CFS 1500™
  • LEMS® 70