Coni-Snap® Gelatin-PEG DPI

Coni-Snap® Gelatin-PEG DPI capsules are the robust gelatin component of the Capsugel® Zephyr™ portfolio of dry-powder inhalation products.


Coni-Snap® Gelatin-PEG DPI capsules are a high-quality capsule solution based on gelatin polymer blended with a plasticizer. These robust capsules have a glossy surface and a tailored LOD (loss on drying).  Coni-Snap® Gelatin-PEG DPI capsules offer a wide range of customizable color combinations and print options. The standard offer is available in narrow weight distribution. Coni-Snap® Gelatin-PEG DPI capsules are available in two levels of PEG, which is determined by the end product.

Every product development need varies based on the desired performance of the finished product. Lonza partners with its customers to closely match specific requirements and leverages a wide range of customization services for its Capsugel® Zephyr™ capsule portfolio. 

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