Quality & Responsibility

At Capsugel, we are committed to being the foremost partner and leading supplier of innovative dosage forms and solutions to the healthcare industry. As such, quality management and regulatory compliance are the cornerstones of our business, and we strive for unparalleled leadership, compliance and service in all that we do.

Global quality and regulatory compliance

Capsugel has a global network of manufacturing facilities, which are routinely inspected by regulatory authorities, customers and our own internal audit teams. We work diligently every day to meet the strictest industry standards, and have developed our own stringent quality management systems and internal and external audit programs to assure compliance with cGMP, national and international regulations. Our senior leadership team is very engaged in regular reviews of our regulatory performance, inspection activity and commitments.

Quality management systems

We have corporate policies and standards that serve as the backbone of the quality management systems and standard operating procedures that govern our operations.  With a focus on continuous improvement, we proactively review our systems and engage with customers to ensure we always deliver the highest value to their businesses.


Capsugel’s culture is defined by a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement.  Utilization of Quality by Design (QbD) principles supports and advances this culture by accelerating the development process for our customers and instilling robustness in our manufacturing processes. Our ongoing commitment to Six Sigma principles helps to minimize variability, improve the quality of our processes, and lead us toward the ultimate goal of zero defects for our products. To spread this culture across the entire organization, we have an experienced and highly trained team, with a large number of certified black belt leaders throughout our manufacturing and supply chain network.

Service excellence

With a key focus on service, we work openly to maintain the trust of our customers as part of our transparent and collaborative approach.

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