hpmc, gelatin, and alternate polymer capsules

Our capsule technologies include hard gelatin capsules, HPMC capsules, soft gelatin capsules, liquid-filled hard capsules, and dry-powder inhalation capsules. Our breadth of design and formulation technologies complement our encapsulation capability to help customers find the complete solution for their product.

Made better. By science.™

Developers of both innovative new drugs and generic products are increasingly interested in using thermo-gelled HPMC capsules because of their stability, outcomes and Six Sigma quality levels. We also continue to drive advancements in specialty polymer capsules. In fact, Lonza provides the widest array of non-animal based specialty polymers that address the needs and preferences of formulators, product designers, regulatory agencies and consumers globally. 

The full range of Capsugel® specialized capsules provide unique, rapid advancement opportunities and development pathways in order to:

  • Improve product effectiveness in terms of bioavailability, targeted delivery, enhanced and optimized PK profile and other important functionality
  • Provide enteric protection / delayed release without the need for functional coatings
  • Provide customized critical capsule parameters such as weight, water content, and microbial measure
  • Appeal to patients and consumers while optimizing compliance and convenience through taste- and odor-masking
  • Provide custom engineered release profiles for consistent pulmonary drug delivery 
  • Increase ease of opening through specialized sprinkle designs to meet requirements of specific patient populations
  • Deliver innovative drug delivery forms for product differentiation, line-extensions and branding
  • Provide simple solutions for pre-clinical and clinical trials that reduce time and effort
  • Provide color and identification that meet regulatory requirements and increase the potential of patient compliance while reducing the potential for medical error