Earning Trust with Communities

Advancing Our Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing refers to our company’s efforts to promote socially and environmentally responsible business practices within our supply chain, with focus on areas such as ethics, labor, supplier management, and environmental health and safety (EHS) practices. 

In 2013, Capsugel achieved ‘leadership’ status in a Responsible Sourcing Assessment conducted by BSR — a global non-profit organization whose mission is to work with businesses to build a just and sustainable world. On a four-point scale, with 1 representing “Room for Improvement” and 4 representing “Leadership,” Capsugel was awarded an overall Sustainability Rating score of 3.5 across four critical elements of supply chain sustainability: Leadership and Vision; Designing and Measuring Performance; Establishing Expectations; and Engaging with Suppliers.

Since then, Capsugel continues dedicating efforts and resources to maintain and further improve its leadership position in responsible sourcing activities. Over the last three years alone, more than 100 supplier sites have been working in close collaboration with Capsugel on Responsible Sourcing initiatives and associated sustainability activities.

Some of the key actions driven by our Responsible Sourcing Initiative include:

  • integrating Responsible Sourcing efforts cross-functionally in Procurement, Production, Quality, EHS and Supply Chain;
  • strengthening accountability by appointing a dedicated, global, cross-functional executive team responsible for overseeing these efforts;
  • setting clear goals for the outcomes of the program;
  • developing a Capsugel Supplier Code of Conduct and rolling it out to suppliers;
  • embedding Responsible Sourcing requirements in our Global Procurement Corporate Policies and integrating these requirements in our supplier audits;
  • defining a list of “critical suppliers” and asking them to participate in a Responsible Sourcing Self-Assessment Survey achieving a response rate of more than 95% in the last three years); and
  • engaging with select critical suppliers to enhance their management of Responsible Sourcing issues.

Providing Challenging and Rewarding Employment

Realizing Capsugel’s vision — to be the leading provider of dosage forms and solutions to healthcare customers around the world — requires the combined contributions of a skilled, diverse and dedicated global team. Our customers turn to us for the science and engineering expertise they need to bring better medicines and nutritionals to market. It’s challenging and exciting work. It takes scientists developing innovative new polymers; it takes skilled manufacturing colleagues expertly manning our highly precise equipment; and it takes sales and marketing professionals helping us better understand our customers’ most-pressing needs – just to name a few.  

It’s also rewarding work. Whether it’s making a medicine more palatable for children, enhancing a nutritional supplement’s bioavailability, or helping a drug be delivered to the part of the body where it can work the best, the work we do helps people live healthier lives. It’s the type of work — whether you are working in a corporate function, operations or as part of the sales team — that makes you feel good about the world-class products and services we deliver every day.

Advocating Charitable Giving and Volunteerism

Capsugel supports and encourages our colleagues’ desire to contribute their time and resources to various charitable organizations of their choice. Additionally, Capsugel supports charities that are closely aligned with our company’s vision and mission. As such, the company offers employer-sponsored volunteer events and contributes to select charities that focus primarily on healthcare.

Some recent examples include:

  • Stand Up Against Cancer event in Bornem, Belgium
  • Youth Science Night in Bend, OR
  • Race for Life Team in Scotland
  • March of Dimes Walk in Greenwood, SC
  • Greenwood Promise educational initiative in Greenwood, SC
  • Relay for Life Event in Tampa, FL
  • Sponsoring free medical exams in Indonesia
  • Niños con Cancer event in Puebla, Mexico
  • Feeding the hungry at the Community Soup Kitchen in Morristown, NJ

Protecting Our Environment

At Capsugel, we are committed to protecting our environment, and we deliver on this commitment every day in a number of ways.

We have established systems and processes to ensure we understand and meet our fundamental environmental compliance obligations. We also identify the specific environmental aspects of our operations and work to reduce the risk of incidents and other unintended events that could affect the environment. If an incident does occur, we promptly report, investigate, identify and address the causal factors involved to minimize any impact and improve our systems.

We complement these important efforts with strategies and initiatives that promote the efficient use of energy, water, and other resources with the goal of reducing emissions, waste and their associated environmental and financial costs. These efforts are helping us to better understand our environmental footprint and act in ways that make us stronger – socially, environmentally, and financially.  

To gauge our progress and help identify future improvement opportunities, we track our energy, water and waste data and other valuable metrics at each site and across the company.

We recognize that our environmental impacts and risks extend beyond our facilities and into our globally interconnected supply chain. That is why we also require our suppliers and business partners to operate in a safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner. We also actively assess the environmental, health, and safety systems and capabilities of critical suppliers through our Responsible Sourcing Program.

We all share a responsibility to protect the environment. We believe our strength as a company depends in part on our ability to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance. That is why we encourage open communication and innovation in this area, not only from all colleagues, but also from customers and other key stakeholders.