Earning Trust with Customers

Extending Our Quality Leadership

We are committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers and maintaining the highest standard of regulatory compliance. To that end, we have established quality policies, standards and systems to oversee both internal and external quality performance. We also have the knowledge and experience to deal with a wide range of regulatory agencies and have a strong track record of regulatory compliance.

Our Coni-Snap® Sigma Series capsules deliver unparalleled levels of quality with defects expressed in terms of parts per million. Both our gelatin and Specialty Polymer capsules are produced on high-precision manufacturing and printing lines in the same manufacturing facilities that include electronic inspections and quality assurance.  These quality enhancements have resulted in substantially reduced defect levels and higher quality consistency across batches. Our capsules’ superior visual and print quality characteristics benefit our customers in several ways, including improved quality, safety and compliance; reduction of patient complaints; and improved process efficiency through reduced testing and investigations as well as faster filling rates, lower waste and fewer work stoppages.

Investing in World-Class R&D and Manufacturing

Our business is supported by world-class research and development and global manufacturing operations, as well as a distinctive, customer-oriented, and science and engineering-based culture of innovation. Our research and development organization is focused on driving innovation in engineering, polymer science, hard capsule applications and pharmaceutical drug delivery. This global team is empowered by hundreds of scientists and engineers who are building on a proven track record of innovation that has generated a current portfolio of more than 170 patent families, numerous trade secrets, and a wide range of proprietary manufacturing and product technologies. Our proprietary technology pervades most of our products and solutions and is value enhancing for our customers.

Our global manufacturing network includes 13 manufacturing sites and 3 research and development centers in nine countries across 3 continents. Our global operations include proprietary manufacturing technology and process engineering (we design and build most of our manufacturing equipment), as well as the network scale and scope necessary for providing flexibility to meet both global and local customer needs. For example, we have created a suite of automated, proprietary quality inspection technology that has yielded what we believe to be industry-leading quality levels found in our Sigma Series hard capsules, as well as unique printing capabilities.

Expanding our “Clean Label” Offerings

To gain key insights into patient and consumer needs – and to improve medicines and supplements to meet those needs — Capsugel invests each year in a variety of market research efforts. In recent years, this research has shown that consumers today want quality guaranteed in their supplements, and transparency shown on their product labels. Furthermore, 45% of supplement consumers now actively look for vegetarian and ‘non-GMO Project’-verified offerings.
To meet this demand, Capsugel has developed a full portfolio of vegetarian dosage forms for both powders and liquids. This includes Vegan- and Vegetarian Society-approved, non-GMO Project-Verified, Kosher, OU, and Halal-certified product offerings, such as:

  • Vcaps® HPMC Capsules, the first-generation vegetarian capsules;
  • Vcaps® Plus HPMC Capsules, with proven bioequivalent performance to gelatin;
  • DRcaps™ Capsules with acid-protection qualities; and
  • Plantcaps® pullulan capsules designed for organic ingredients.

Capsugel maintains certifications for these products and undergoes quality audits from NSF International and the Therapeutic Goods Administration. With these and other specialized offerings, our customers look to us to deliver solutions that fit the unique characteristics of supplements and the necessities of consumers.

Delivering a Superior Customer Experience

By developing deep, long-standing relationships; understanding, anticipating and satisfying our customers’ needs; and making it easy for them to work with us, everything we do is geared toward helping our customers deliver better products to the consumers and patients who need them. Below are just a few examples that demonstrate the superior customer experience we offer:

Engineering and Operational Services
Capsugel has assembled a team of industry experts whose experience ranges from capsule-filling-machine design to formulation development to encapsulation expertise. We listen to the customer’s needs, provide an independent view of their operation through the eyes of industry best practices, and then work collaboratively to implement improvements. Improving our customer’s capabilities enables them to fulfill their market potential and improve their profitability.  

Technology Selection Process
Our Technology Selection methodologies allow our product development teams to rapidly match the best technology to customers’ specific challenges and target product profiles. Based on the experience of formulating more than 4,000 compounds, we’ve developed predictive models, expert systems and reference maps – tools that enable our teams to quickly develop optimized formulations and minimize empirical evaluations. This results in reduced API usage and accelerated speed to clinic.

Digital Customer Engagement
We continue to invest in new technology platforms that enable us to engage with our customers across multiple integrated digital channels and be more responsive than ever before. For example, our new B2B marketing automation tool, Pardot, helps us keep in touch with our customers via cutting-edge digital campaigns that build better awareness of our products and services.

Benchmarking Customer Satisfaction
To ensure that we are effectively satisfying our customers’ needs with the highest level of service, we have employed a customer satisfaction survey program for the past two decades. We hold ourselves to aggressive internal performance benchmarks, monitoring the percentage of highly satisfied customers on parameters of people, products, business processes and price/value. We have maintained a stable track record with overall satisfaction levels over the last several years.

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