Market & Consumer Insights

Consumers are demanding more transparency of the goods and services they use now more than before. They are using the internet more and have ways to aid their quest for information and verification at their fingertips in real time. The new consumer landscape presents a variety of challenges as brands and manufacturers seek to keep up with the emerging dynamics of the consumer health and nutrition industry. According to Euromonitor, Consumer Health and Nutrition reached $217 Billion in global sales and shows a steady growth for years to come.

Armed with the latest consumer research and insights, we can help you line extend your brand or grow the market you are in today.

Market Development & Regulatory Support

Serving over 2,000 customers in the Consumer Health and Nutrition industry, and leveraging on proprietary and third-party market and consumer research, Capsugel brings a wealth of insights and ideas to support your innovative and product development efforts.

  • Market Trend Data-global sales and trends
  • Insights from product sales in the US
  • New product introductions globally
  • Over-the-counter market trends
  • Consumer usage of dietary supplements, over-the-counter and pharmaceutical products
  • Attitude and usage study (consumer response to dosage forms)
  • Conjoint study (pricing response insight)
  • Consumer studies (clinical, intercepts, panels)
  • Trend research customized to your needs
  • Fact gathering
  • Data translation from insight to opportunity
  • Product Concepts
  • Branding Recommendations
  • Local Market Regulatory Expertise
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