Quotient Clinical and Capsugel Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Early Development and Clinical Evaluation for Poorly Soluble Drugs

June 25, 2012

Nottingham, U.K. and Bornem, Belgium – 25 June 2012– Quotient Clinical, a leading provider of specialist early stage drug development services and Capsugel, a global leader in innovative dosage solutions for the healthcare industry, announce a collaboration to enable the rapid development and clinical assessment of lipid-based formulations. Together, the companies will use their technology and expertise to address the drug delivery challenges of poorly soluble molecules with limited oral bioavailability.

The collaboration integrates Quotient’s RapidFACTTM real time clinical manufacture and testing service with Capsugel’s lipid-based formulation expertise and manufacturing capability. With up to 70% of the industry’s development pipeline consisting of molecules with poor solubility, the collaboration will fast track the effective clinical evaluation of lipid-based drug delivery systems in man, whilst optimising the drug product for downstream development. As part of the collaboration, Quotient will utilise Capsugel’s CFS Liquid Capsule Filling and Sealing technology at its facility in Nottingham and will be able to access the formulation expertise in Capsugel’s Development Centre in Strasbourg.

Mark Egerton, Managing Director of Quotient Clinical, said.  “The collaboration with Capsugel will help our customers address prevalent drug delivery challenges for poorly soluble compounds in a more effective way. It will further empower our RapidFACT service by ensuring that selected drug products can be rapidly scaled-up and transitioned into downstream development – further reducing timelines to critical development milestones.”

Keith Hutchison, Senior Vice President of R&D at Capsugel, added. “Our expertise with poorly soluble drugs includes a proprietary predictive modelling technology based on an extensive database of lipid formulations that allows us to find the best formulas quickly. We also have a deep knowledge of capsules and our Licaps™ liquid filling and sealing technology helps to speed up the development process. These are perfect complements to Quotient’s ability to accelerate the generation of human clinical data and we look forward to offering the new service to our global customers.”

About Quotient Clinical
Quotient Clinical, part of Quotient Bioresearch, “Quotient”, has over 20 years’ experience delivering high quality data to provide innovative early drug development solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients worldwide, including 17 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise in Exploratory Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Product Optimisation, and 14C Enabled Drug Development, underpinned by our unique Translational Pharmaceutics™ and Synthesis-to-Clinic™ delivery platforms, adds significant value to client development programs. 

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About Capsugel
Capsugel is a global leader in innovative dosage forms and solutions for the healthcare industry.  Offering a comprehensive array of products and services, from hard gelatin, liquid-filled, and vegetarian capsules, to innovative R&D equipment, Capsugel is at the forefront of drug delivery innovation providing support to customers from formulation to final production. Capsugel also specialises in the formulation, development, clinical and commercial supply of liquid filled hard and soft shell capsules to the healthcare industry. For more information about Capsugel, visit www.capsugel.com.