Capsule Filling 101 - The Next Chapter - Improving Productivity & Performance in Pharmaceuticals

May 21, 2014

The next chapter of the Capsule Filling 101 webinar has been developed to further expand on the insights to improve productivity and performance in pharmaceuticals. As challenging new formulations are developed, how prepared is your team to optimize their performance in encapsulation? As more formulations take advantage of capsule flexibility, join us to benefit from these valuable insights:

  • Formulation Considerations for Capsule Filling Optimization - using the tenets of Quality by Design. Capsule selection and the role of excipients appropriate to filling technology.
  • SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) - achieving a repeatable setup is key to success. Managing consistency in tooling and setup over time.
  • Quantifying Success in Capsule Filling Efficiency. What are the true costs and levers of cost in your encapsulation suite? New case studies for review.

John Davidson - Senior Manager of Quality Engineering Services, Capsugel
Tim Sopko - Senior Technical Service Engineer, Capsugel
Wayne Hartzell - Senior Technical Service Engineer, Capsugel

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