Enabling Taste-Masking & Delivery With New Technologies

July 23, 2015

More than 35% of the general population has serious issues swallowing medicines. Nearly one-quarter of people in long-term care facilities and 45% of elderly institutionalized patients suffer from some form of dysphagia. But age is not the only factor. More than one-third of adolescents ages 11-20 report issues with swallowing tablets.

With the need in the US and Europe to provide pediatric alternatives for new drugs, developers are examining ways to provide a simple alternative for taste-masking and delivery—ones that reduce the complexity of formulation, successfully mask odor and taste, are friendly to use and provide the correct dose every time. Current common approaches such as additives, matrix entrapment, physical barriers and release modulation can create issues through complexity. Capsugel has developed new technologies designed to optimize taste-masking and delivery.

What you'll learn:

  • The new technologies designed to optimize taste-masking and delivery
  • The science behind specific multiparticulate formulation technologies
  • Case studies on the development and use of specific multiparticulate formulation technologies
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