Lipid-Based Formulations: From Early Development to Commercial Manufacturing

December 07, 2016

Lipid-based formulation (LBF) approaches are primarily used for bioavailability enhancement, along with addressing food effects and associated variability. Liquid or semi-solid LBF approaches are also routinely utilized for low dose/highly potent applications. But LBF, through either Liquid-filled hard capsule (LFHC) or soft gelatin capsule technologies, can also address a broader range of formulation challenges and open up innovative applications from controlled and targeted release to abuse deterrence.

This webinar will look into Lipid-based formulation development principles and benefits, process design considerations for successful scale-up, and commercial manufacturing through specific case studies.

Presented by:

  • Jan Vertommen, Sr. Director, Product Development & Manufacturing, Capsugel Plöermel
  • Jane Fraser, Director, Research & Development, Capsugel Livingston
  • Marc-Antoine Perrissin-Fabert, Senior Technical Manager, EU Mylan
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