Special Delivery: New Technologies for Turning Dosage Form Problems Into Opportunities

September 10, 2014

Have you worked with a problem ingredient and wanted to find a better way to mask the odor? How do you improve bioavailability of a natural product and remain “natural”? Is timed-release an option without the use of artificial coatings and ingredients? What about targeted release—how is it possible to slow Mother Nature down in a way that provides better results? What new formula deliveries provide new branding options?

Join us as senior formulators present a series of case studies on ingredient delivery with ideas, options and insights. This is your opportunity to ask questions, learn about some cutting-edge improvements that are occurring in Health and Nutrition and benefit from their experience. 


  • Chris Diorio, Director, R&D, Capsugel 
  • Stan Glab, Senior Formulator, Capsugel 
  • Tyler White, Formulator, Capsugel 
  • Tim Sopko, Field Service Engineer, Capsugel
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