Market Opportunities

For nutraceutical companies of all sizes, Lonza has a path forward to help your ideas succeed. From providing dosage form options for the most discerning consumer, to insightful market research, to differentiating existing products and launching cutting edge new delivery systems, we work with you to develop the right dosage form to meet consumer market opportunities.

With end-to-end products and services and global scalability, we’ve been helping our customers optimize their ideas and develop consumer preferred dosage forms for over 100 years. Our range of technologies help our customers improve bioavailability, targeted delivery, swallowability, taste and odor masking, while also enabling combination products, providing visually appealing dosage forms, and meeting the expectations of the most discerning clean label consumers. 

We combine industry-leading capsule and encapsulation technologies with its extensive formulation know-how to create unique and innovative solutions for consumer health and nutrition companies. Leveraging our long experience in pharmaceutical delivery science, Our technology platforms enable  customers to bring new and improved nutritionals to market.

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