Protein, Peptide, & Vaccine Formulations

Optimizing existing formulations, developing new formulations, and understanding delivery modalities requires stable and scalable biotherapeutic formulations.

Capsugel strives to understand the stability and scalability challenges associated with biotherapeutics and develop solutions. We use solid-state formulations as a solution for shipping intermediate or final drug products, as well as mitigating cold chain storage and applications in developing nations. The formulations we develop are suitable for clinical and commercial production in existing current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facilities.

Our offering is focused on the following areas:

  • Formulation development using spray drying, pioneered by Bend Research, including at large scales (development and cGMP) and in high containment facilities, with a focus on spray-drying and capsule-based delivery solutions
  • Biologic, chemical, and physical characterization of biotherapeutics, including antibodies and vaccines
  • Dosage form development based on particle engineering for oral, parenteral, nasal, and pulmonary delivery
  • Intrinsically enteric capsule technology for oral delivery and rapid pre-clinical development
  • Scale-up and technology transfer based on fundamental scientific and engineering understanding
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